eating from the garden

Representing each of the steps from seed to table is part of UACC’s mission, and collaboration with other community organizations plays a big part in our success. So, once a month for the past few years the University of Virginia’s Department of Nutritional Services and Morrison Healthcare Food Service has been partnering with us to demonstrate how to prepare quick and easy meals using vegetables from our gardens. The event is always scheduled during our Friday market days: the day of the week when we distribute fruits and vegetables recently harvested from our garden to individuals and families living in close proximity to the gardens. This past Friday was our last food demonstration of the season, and Chef Casey Yazel prepared a wonderful array of summer salads using zucchini, zephyr squash, tomatoes, onions, and even the edamame from our experimental plot on West Street. It was hard to decide whether the salad of edamame, dried cranberry, feta and fresh basil, or the classic tomato, cucumber and onion with a balsamic vinagrette dressing were the favorite.  Recipes provided by UVa Nutritional Services to follow.

Chef Casey Yazel Chef Casey Yazel beautiful summer salads


2 thoughts on “eating from the garden

  1. theBarefootedCrafter

    You should know that the ONLY vegetables that did well and were productive in my garden this year were the ones that I bought from the UACC! Great job starting wonderful plants and thanks for sharing them with the community!


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