Single digit temperatures used to be a rarity around here, but not lately. This winter has been pretty rough on our garlic, and yet, walking around the field you can see signs of life. Even with frost-burned leaf tips, there, amidst the remains of the most recent snow, the little plants keep plugging along. I didn’t dig any up to check, but I’m sure I’d find healthy roots reaching deep into the soil keeping the little clove alive and holding out for the warmth of spring.

Today marks the beginning of the lunar new year and the year of the horse in the Chinese Zodiac. Like our humble clove of garlic, the horse endures over a long journey. As UACC prepares for the eighth year of its journey, we look to the deep-rooted clove of garlic and the long-running horse for inspiration. May the new year bring health and prosperity to all.



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