spring planting

Spring is always a strange sort of race. It’s a dash between the time when the soil is just dry enough to make planting beds and the arrival of the next rainstorm. During this most recent sprint, before last week’s big rain, we planted somewhere in the vicinity of 900 seed potatoes, 5,000 onions starts, and another 5,000 or so spring transplants.


The last of the onions went in just as the rain really started to come down. If it wasn’t for all the wonderful helpers who had come out over the course of the week (especially our dear friend Miro on that last day) the rain would have certainly won the race.


And what a rain it was. I went out to check on our rainwater collection system just after one of the big downpours and snapped the shot below that reveals the flow of Pollock’s Branch through Friendship Court. It was a good reminder of why the garden beds there are laid out the way they are.


The rain was a blessing for all of the spring crops at 6th Street, which had to endure a few moderately warm days without water after we planted them. They all seem to be thriving now. The next wave of lettuce, spinach, and cabbage will go in the ground this week, during our first community volunteer day, on Wednesday, May 7, starting at 4pm. For more information about volunteering visit our volunteer page.




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