The labors of spring


We had an amazing turnout for the first Wednesday evening community gardening day last week. We’ll be out there again this coming Wednesday, starting at 4pm. For more information about volunteering visit our volunteer page.



Many thanks to all who came out to lend a hand, including Jordan who came to take these excellent photos. The group was a fun mix of long-timers and new folks.


We made quick work of planting the second successions of lettuce, spinach, and cabbage and enjoyed a beautiful spring evening.


Meanwhile, the much anticipated greenhouse is coming together. Carpentry appears to be the art of coaxing wood into positions it would prefer not to be in. After much clamping, ratcheting, and gentle nudging, we’re getting close to having something that looks like the drawing from which we’re working. It’s a bummer we have to move it, because it looks pretty good in this spot.

greenhouse framing

Last week’s Give4Good campaign was quite successful for UACC, especially since we only did a small bit of promotion for it. We raised $1130 thanks to 17 donors. We don’t yet know who those kind folks are, but we are grateful for their support!


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