A Lifetime of Caring

Wednesday, September 17, was the United Way Day of Caring, during which volunteers from local businesses took time out of their busy workdays to help organizations all around Charlottesville accomplish great things. We’ll talk more about the day of caring below, but first UACC would like to celebrate the many years of caring service contributed to our community by Ms. Evelyn Barbour. Evelyn passed away on Monday, September 8. She had been a supporter of UACC since the days of QCC Farms, diligently helping us at almost every Friday Market Day for the past four years. Her service to UACC was only one of the countless ways in which she served our community. From her work with the African American Geneology Group to her years as a dedicated member of the Mount Zion First African Baptist Church, Evelyn treated every day as a day of caring. We will miss her dearly.

Evelyn and Beatrice 2

Ms. Evelyn Barbour and Ms. Beatrice Clark volunteering at Market Day.

The volunteers from BB&T certainly honored Evelyn with their service on Wednesday. We started the morning at the 405 Avon garage, planting the medians that UACC adopted from the City with native flowering perennials. After that, we moved down to Friendship Court to rough in the edges of the new orchard that we’ll plant this fall and to start the annual sweet potato harvest. BB&T volunteers not only helped us start the seeds of the native plants back in the early spring, they also helped measure the orchard space in June. On top of that, through the BB&T Lighthouse Project, they financed the purchase of the seeds for the native plants, the first 17 fruit trees, and signs for each of the gardens! Thank you BB&T!

median medley

Adrian, Betsy, Brian, Stephen, and Troy go native in the medians in front of UACC headquarters at 405 Avon!

orchard medley

Adrian, Brian, Jennifer, Stephanie, Stephen, Troy, and Yvonne break ground on the future orchard at Friendship Court.

sweet potato medley

Stephanie and Yvonne heft one of many giant sweet potatoes. Ariana joined Jennifer and and Stephanie to kick off our Wednesday Community Gardening Day.

Following the Day of Caring, we held our regular Community Gardening Day, and kept the sweet potato harvest rolling along. At least twenty folks stopped in to help throughout the evening. The harvest is looking really good this year, with an exceptional number of very large sweet potatoes!

volunteer day medley

Lots of big sweet potatoes and lots of collective energy!

Over the past two weeks, Community Gardening Day volunteers helped us plant lots of fall chard, collards, and lettuce in our permanent raised beds at Friendship Court. The plants are thriving, even without irrigation, and despite having only one little rain shower since we planted them. The permanent beds are definitely proving their worth, as demonstrated by the amazing peppers we’ve been getting from the plants that the Girl Scouts helped us put in this spring. The plants are still going strong without a drop of irrigation the whole season!

Raised bed medley

This Saturday, UACC will be tabling the C-ville Go Green fest at Snow’s Garden Center from 10am to 2pm. This is a family-oriented event held to educate the public on ways to save energy, live healthy lives, and reduce our impact on the earth. For more information, you can visit the event website by clicking here. UACC Advisory Council Members and long-time volunteers  Bashta Abdul and Dave Redding represented UACC on the Snows Knows radio show to help promote the event and to spread the word about UACC. Check out what they had to say by streaming the podcast here. You can zoom forward to the 20 minute mark to hear Dave and Bashta. This was Bashta’s first time on the radio, but she sounded like a seasoned professional. Thanks Bashta and Dave!

Bashta at Cville Go Green 2013

Bashta at the 2013 Go Green Fest promoting the raffle for Mo’s stunning handmade quilt.

Speaking of a lifetime of caring, let’s close with a special shout out to Mo. Where would UACC be without all of Mo’s tireless behind-the-scenes, as well as center stage efforts? If anyone can match Ms. Evelyn’s dedication to community, it’s Mo. She is the kind of person who will not only volunteer for the entire Day of Caring and stay for the Community Gardening Day, but also bring homemade muffins and ice cold water to keep the rest of us well fed and hydrated. Thanks a million, Mo. You do more good things for more people than most anyone will ever know!

Mo and Ariana

Parting shot: Mo and Ariana in a well-executed selfie.



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