Winter projects


UACC’s passive solar greenhouse at 405 Avon Street.

After about a year’s worth of tinkering, our passive solar greenhouse is now ready for action. For a video tour of some of the main features of the greenhouse head to our Kickstarter page by clicking here. The greenhouse will ultimately move to the back lot behind our headquarters. The City has generously offered up three parking spaces near the building where the greenhouse will have great sun exposure. We’re still pondering the best way to move the structure from point A to point B, so if you have any ingenious suggestions, please let us know. Our next infrastructure project will be building a mobile cool-bot powered walk-in cooler, which we’ll park in the spot where the greenhouse currently sits.

Orchard planning medley

Planning the next phase of the orchard at the Friendship Court Community Center.

In January, UACC received funding for the second phase of the community orchard and native plant sanctuary at Friendship Court. The first step in implementing the project was gathering neighborhood resident input. We knew folks were interested in fruit, but we wanted to know what else would make the new orchard space inviting and interesting. At the end of the month, we held an informal planning meeting at the Friendship Court Community Center during which folks could drop in throughout the evening and help us draw a map of the orchard space. Some of the ideas that people proposed included adding stairs on the hillside to make it easier to walk up and down and building shade structures and benches within the orchard. We’ll have another follow-up meeting in February to get more input before beginning the installation in March. Many thanks to the Friendship Court residents who stopped in to share their ideas and to Lauren Samay from C’ville Foodscapes and Devin Floyd from Center for Urban Habitats for their expertise and advice on this project.



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