Spring 2017

Turnips as big as your head courtesy of Jennifer and the 6th Street garden – June 2017

Spring has been good to us: a slow warm up, rain at the right times, lots of volunteers, not too many bugs, giant turnips, etc. The first day of summer seemed like the right time to update the blog, and I had a little time before the Wednesday volunteer day. Speaking of which, you should consider coming sometime, if you haven’t already. 4pm to 7pm, Friendship Court, every Wednesday, from now until the end of September, Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise (at least not too much).

See, Miranda and Matt look like they’re having a good time volunteering, right? – June 2017

We’re psyched to have Bradley Ragland back on the team for the summer push. This is Bradley’s third season with UACC. He and Jennifer have been fantastic teammates, and they know how to keep forging ahead when the summer heat gets hard to bear.

Bradley is smiling because summer hasn’t really started yet – June 2017

A friend of mine who knows about making real websites (not like this one) told me that people who look at websites want to see big, close-up pictures of other people’s faces. So I’m trying to do that, but not completely. Sometimes you need to step back a bit to take things in. For example, here’s a shot of the garden at South First Street in summer cover crops.

The 8,000 square foot garden at South First Street is hard to capture in one photo – June 2017

I should add that Janet Mitchell totally made this garden happen, and she got the most Be Cville votes for her proposal to help fund the garden. Janet is amazing, and she can run a BCS 853 tiller. Not everyone can do that!

Janet breaks ground on the new South First Street garden – March 2017

Well, I’m about to be late for the Wednesday volunteer day. There are many other photos and snippets of stuff I should probably post, but gardens need tending and relationships need cultivating and that’s not happening with me sitting behind a computer. So, please come on out and volunteer. If you can’t stand the heat and bugs and bending over for hours and such, consider making a donation to help keep this crazy thing going. Here’s a parting shot of our dear market day volunteers at Friendship Court, just before the sky opened up and drenched us!

We couldn’t do it without this group of dedicated souls (including Woody who slid in next to Shirley at the last second!) – June 2017

Thanks for reading and for your continued interest and support!


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