Grassroots Leadership

UACC is committed to empowering local residents to lead and run the organization. Residents who live in the communities where we garden make up the majority of our leadership team. Their guidance and vision for the organization ensures that our work remains meaningful, relevant, and valuable to the communities where we work. Finding the right people and developing each person’s skills takes time, trust, and support. As we move toward our goal of 100% resident ownership, we are grateful for the help of other community partners who provide guidance and expertise as we grow and evolve.

In recent years, gentrification and the proposed redevelopment of the Ridge Street neighborhood has created an air of uncertainty about the future, especially for residents who live in the low-income communities of Crescent Halls, Friendship Court, South 1st Street, and 6th Street. Members of UACC’s leadership team were instrumental in the formation of the Friendship Court Residents Association in 2015. UACC strongly supports the Friendship Court Association of Residents, the Public Housing Association of Residents, and other grassroots efforts by residents to advocate for their interests in the dialogue on redevelopment.

You can read more about UACC’s current leadership team by clicking HERE.


Local residents running market day at Friendship Court – October 2014.


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