UACC is led by an elected Board of Directors and is guided by an Advisory Council made up of long time volunteers and participants. The UACC Board of Directors’ bylaws stipulate that “the majority of board members will consist of representatives from the neighborhoods where the gardens are located.” Empowering community members to lead the organization ensures that our work coincides with the interests and values of the communities we serve.

UACC Board of Directors

Tamara Wright (Co-Chair)

Tamara Wright has lived in Charlottesville for most of her life. She is a resident of Friendship Court, where she lives with her three children. Tamara had wanted to get involved with the QCC Farms project for many years but struggled to find the time. Between raising her children as a single mother, working part-time, and pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice from Piedmont Virginia Community College, making it out to the gardens was difficult. When she heard that QCC Farms was transitioning to UACC, and was looking for community members to serve as leaders and advocates, she jumped at the opportunity. Tamara joined the UACC Advisory Council in 2011.  When the Council elected the founding members of the UACC Board of Directors, she had the courage to accept the nomination. In the fall of 2012 she was elected Chair of the UACC Board and has been one of the organization’s most compelling and sincere advocates ever since. Tamara appreciates the way UACC engages the members of her community while at the same time providing a source of fresh healthy food. With three children to raise, and a desire to ensure they develop healthy eating habits, she is grateful for a source of fresh organic vegetables that does not put further strain on her finances.


Eric Anderson (Co-Chair)

A resident of Belmont, Eric is drawn to the work of UACC by the opportunity to garden side-by-side with a diverse array of his neighbors, to support greater access to healthy food in the community, and for the growing potential of the organization’s work to help bridge divides. Over the last twenty years, his work in varied educational settings teaching and living in New York City, directing an after-school learning initiative for a progressive public housing authority in Connecticut, and heading a world language-immersion school in Charlottesville have all afforded him important new perspectives and life-affirming experiences with people from many different backgrounds, and he feels honored by and excited about the chance to support the important, interesting, progressive, and barrier-breaking work of the UACC.


Barbara Lee (Co-Secretary)

Barbara joined the Board in January 2017 after serving on the Advisory Council for two years. She has been an active volunteer and supporter of UACC’s work since the days of QCC Farms. She is a committed labor rights advocate and travels throughout Virginia, urging policy-makers to support legislation that ensures workers are fairly compensated. As a resident of the 10th and Page neighborhood in Charlottesville, she helps spread the word about UACC on the west end of town.



Stacy Miller (Co-Secretary)

Stacy served as a forewoman at Even’ Star Organic Farm in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, and later graduated with an M.S. in Agricultural and Environmental Education from West Virginia University.  In 2005 and 2006, she served as the Manager of the Morgantown Farmers Market, also coordinating outreach for West Virginia AgrAbility, a program providing resources for farmers and gardeners with disabilities and chronic conditions like arthritis.  For more than three years, she served as Executive Director of the Farmers Market Coalition (FMC), a 501(c)(3) dedicated to strengthening farmers markets through education, networking, and advocacy.  Today, Stacy lives on 6th Street and is the founder of good phyte foods.

Rosa Key  (Treasurer)

Rosa Key is a lifelong resident of Central Virginia, and is well known in her community. Volunteering with QCC, and joining in on their progressively longer walks, Rosa cut a figure with her long stride and booming, friendly voice. Whether riding her bicycle or driving her surplus UVA truck, people all over town recognize and greet her warmly. Her strength and familiarity are welcome assets as she serves as Treasurer on the UACC Board, harvests vegetables, and helps distribute the produce at market day. Rosa lives in the 10th and Page neighborhood in a house painted lime green that is a perfect extension of her outgoing and fearless nature.


Toni Eubanks

Toni Eubanks was born and raised in Charlottesville. She is a resident of Friendship Court, where she lives with her son, Kaiden. Toni currently works for The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative as a Community Organizer and also serves as the Nursery Director for Sorjourners United Church of Christ. Toni’s passion for her community has led to invitations to serve as a board member for several organizations in town, and UACC is lucky to be one of those organizations. Being a part of UACC is important to her because she feels that urban agriculture is a vital yet often overlooked part of her community. As a distance runner, Toni knows the importance of eating healthy. She values that UACC not only shows people how to grow fruits and vegetables but also makes healthy food more accessible to her and her neighbors through the volunteer program and market days. Her charisma and her commitment to living well have inspired many of her neighbors to come to the UACC gardens and to get involved in other neighborhood activities, from picking up trash on the streets to sharing their artistic talents through the Push Play events that she spearheads.  Being on the UACC board gives her another opportunity to express her vision for her community and help to ensure that things get done. Since Toni started volunteering with UACC in 2013, she has made many new connections and friends, and she remains a strong advocate and spokesperson for UACC.





UACC Advisory Council

Bashta Abdul

Mary Carey

Chad Freckmann

Joanie Freeman

Gui Idebetouw

Rev. Kenneth Jones

Anthony Max-Yeboah

Michelle McSherrey

Stacy Miller

Janet Mitchell

Aurora Nichols

Mo Nichols

Lauren Penniman

Dave Redding


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