Native Plant and Pollinator Sanctuary

One of the most exciting aspects of the community orchard is an ever-expanding native plant and pollinator sanctuary. For many years, we have maintained borders of perennial flowering plants around all of our gardens. While beautiful to look at, these borders also serve as habitat for a wide variety of beneficial insects and wildlife, from pollinating bees and predatory wasps to fertility building earthworms and pest eating birds. As we learned more about the decline of honeybee populations and the importance of our native bees and wasps, we wanted to expand our perennial plantings into the new orchard space. Through a partnership with Center for Urban Habitats, we installed a diverse native planting above the berry orchard in the spring of 2015. Over the next few years, we will expand the native planting throughout the orchard and replace the non-native perennials bordering the gardens with native species.

turf to diversity

With guidance from Center for Urban Habitats, volunteers transform urban turf into a diverse native plant community – 2015.


The purple blooms of New York Ironweed above the berry orchard site – September 2015.


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