Jennifer Minor (Farm Apprentice)

Jennifer Minor joined the UACC team in 2015 as a Farm Apprentice. She helps run all aspects of the Food Production & Distribution program, from starting seeds to harvesting for market day. A resident of Friendship Court, Jennifer keeps a watchful eye on the gardens in her backyard and encourages her neighbors to get involved.

Todd Niemeier (Operations Director)

In 2007, Todd worked with the Quality Community Council (QCC), and residents of the Friendship Court and 6th Street communities, to launch the QCC Farms project. When QCC disbanded in 2011, he partnered with community members and volunteers to lead the project through its transformation into UACC. He has a B.S. in Agricultural Science from Truman State University , served as an Agricultural Extension Volunteer in Peace Corps Bolivia, and has worked on various small and large-scale vegetable farms. Todd is committed to the idea that collective urban agriculture can serve as a vehicle for bringing people together across racial, economic, and social barriers. He is passionate about involving young people in agriculture and is inspired by the power of collaborating with neighbors to nurture a healthy community.