UACC hosts regular community workdays in the gardens starting the second week of May and ending the last week of September. People of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to come out. No previous gardening experience is required, and all levels of ability are welcome.

2013 (May) Planting sweet potatoes

When do we meet?

Wednesdays (4 p.m. to 7 p.m.)

  • Starts on Wednesday, May 10, 2017
  • Ends on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

We also host periodic volunteer opportunities on other days, which we’ll advertise via our Facebook page and through our email list. If you haven’t signed up for the email list you can do so through our Contact page. We also appreciate RSVPs by email (information.uacc@gmail.com) or phone (434-989-0150). When we know who’s coming, we can better plan how many tools to bring and what projects to tackle.

Where will we meet?

We will always meet at the large garden at Friendship Court (on the corner of Monticello Avenue and 6th Street SE), though once everyone convenes we may move to one of the other sites depending on what needs doing.  So, if you are planning on coming a little bit later than the scheduled time, call us at 434-989-0150 to find out where we will be.

2013 (March) 6th St. potato planting

What will we be doing?

In the spring we will be doing lots of transplanting.  As the weather warms, we will be preparing for our summer crops by setting up tomato and cucumber trellises and laying hay mulch.  In the summer there are always lots of weeds to pull and garlic, onions, and potatoes to harvest.  With fall comes the removal of old plants, spreading compost, and harvesting winter squash and sweet potatoes. There are many other activities surrounding all of these big tasks, but this gives you an idea of what to expect.

What if it is raining?

If it is actively raining or has just rained a lot, it is likely that we will not be out in the garden on that day.  Please feel free to call and check, though, as we sometimes have indoor work like seed starting or trimming onions, and we can do that rain or shine.

Can I volunteer at other times?

Absolutely! Just contact us to make a plan, as there are often things going on in different locations and at different times.  In the spring, starting in May, we begin early morning harvests.  These typically happen on Thursday and Friday sometime around 6 a.m. The time and location vary, so be sure to contact us if you are interested in helping.

2013 (May) Turning compost

A few additional guidelines:

  • Wear clothes that can get dirty and shoes that protect your toes and can get dirty and wet.
  • Bring gloves and protection from the sun (both sunscreen and a hat are recommended).
  • If you are under 9 years old, please ask a trusted adult to come with you.  You will probably get to do a lot more if you have an adult to work with you.
  • Bring water to drink, or at least some sort of cup or bottle you can fill up.
  • When you arrive, make sure you check in with whomever is leading the workday so that you can sign in.  Let that same person know when you leave, so that you can pick up your Farm Tokens.  Read more about farm tokens by clicking here.
  • First time volunteers will be asked to fill out a photo and liability release form. This just makes sure that we know that you know what you and/or your child are getting into and is another reason we appreciate parents coming out with their kids. You can view a printable pdf of the form by clicking here.

2013 (May) Unloading hay mulch










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